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Arroz Mar y Montana - Mercado44

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We are proud to be working in collaboration with Asador44. Aside from their restaurant in Cardiff they have the Bar44 tapas bars in Cardiff & Bristol and Mercado44, an online shop selling a range of Spanish goodies. This is one of their Asador Meal Boxes - Arroz Mar y Montana (literally translates as Rice Sea & Mountain) is their Asador Rice Box with Red Prawns and Duroc Pork Ribs. The stock in the ingredients list is our Pure Chicken & Shellfish stocks.


(For 2 to share)

1kg sack of J.Montoro DO Arroz de Valencia

500ml Pure Chicken stock

500ml Pure Shellfish stock

Slow cooked Bar 44 sofrito

Natural organic oak smoked pancetta from Oviedo

Asador 44 slow cooked Duroc pork ribs

Wild baby cuttlefish

Wild Atlantic red prawns

Bottle of Bar 44 sherry alioli

If you want to order your box visit Mercado 44 where they describe it as:

"A cook at home Spanish rice classic, with stunning raw and prepared ingredients for you to cook up a storm inside or out this summer. We have long coveted the rice dishes of Murcia, Valencia and Catalonia, of which there are hundreds. The culture goes a lot further than the world-famous paella, and restaurants and chefs dedicate their lives to cooking the perfect rice.

We will provide you with our 44 sofrito base to use with exceptional rice from family company J.Montoro, who started growing rice in the 1940’s and are now one of the only independent producers left in the country. We will provide you with roast chicken stock and shellfish stock from our good friend Phil the stock man who has developed natural stocks to our recipe using local carcasses and shellfish. Also included is incredible saffron from Teruel in Aragon to infuse into your stock, and Castilla Leon smoked pancetta, overnight roast Duroc pork ribs, wild cuttlefish and wild red prawns to complete the dish."

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