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The Pure Stock Co. 100% Chicken Stock

Pure Chicken Stock

Chicken stock, made the classic way

Our British chicken stock will enhance your home-cooked meals, taking them to the next level of flavour with minimal fuss and maximum impact.

Add our natural chicken stock to your next chicken casserole, Chicken Chasseur or Coq au Vin for the classic great taste without all of the nasty additives. Our fresh Chicken stock is made in small batches and frozen straight away to retain the flavour and goodness of the ingredients.

Pure Stock Co chicken Stock is a versatile base ingredient, suitable for many different types of cooking, including classic British roast dinners, French cuisine and more.

If you want to make an easy chicken soup or chicken broth recipe use our chicken stock as a base for a delicious healthy meal in minutes. 

The Pure Stock Co. Easy Paella recipe
The Pure Stock Co. Chicken Pho recipe

Our pure chicken stock is made the traditional way using free-range chicken carcasses sourced from a local farm less than 5 miles from us here in Devon. The carcasses are lightly roasted to enhance the colour and give a slightly richer finish.


They are simmered gently for 6hrs along with chicken necks and aromats. The natural collagen is drawn out during the cooking process, which is important for a healthy gut, but it also gives our stock its natural gelatinous consistency, which in turn creates a natural viscosity for your sauces.


Water, Free-Range Chicken Carcasses, Onion, Leek, Carrot, Bay Leaf, Thyme, Peppercorns.

Nutrition - Typical values per 100g

Energy                             69KJ/16Kcal

Total Fat                        <0.5g

of which saturates           0.1g

Total Carbohydrate      <0.5g

of which sugars             <0.5g

Protein                              3.5g

Fibre                               <0.5g

Salt                                    0.06g

Collagen                           1.6g

The Pure Stock range is naturally gluten-free and is perfect if you are following a healthy diet or you care about what you feed your body. Each batch of stock is packaged and frozen immediately. This retains its freshness and ensures its pure and natural, preservative-free quality. Nothing artificial is added to our stocks and we don't add any salt, allowing you to season your dish as you wish.

Recipe suggestions using our natural Chicken stock
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