Quality British Beef Stock

Pure Beef Stock

Beef stock, made the classic way

Our British beef stock will enhance your home-cooked meals, taking them to the next level of taste with minimal fuss.

Add our natural stock to your next beef casserole, cottage pie or Boeuf bourguignon for the classic beefy taste without any of the nasty additives you'd find in traditional stock cubes.

Our beef stock is also an ideal base for Asian cookery, so if you want to make an easy Beef Pho recipe use our British beef stock for a simple, healthy meal in minutes.

It's also great as a warming beef broth drink, which will benefit your gut health more than any of those fancy yoghurts!

We use the best ingredients to create a deep, rich and flavoursome beef stock that is easy to cook with.

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Our pure beef stock is made the traditional way using grass-fed beef bones from local butchers and farms in Devon. We are able to trace the bones used in each batch of our beef stock back to the farm and the breed.

The bones are roasted first to create a rich dark colour for our stock. Colour = Flavour. They are then simmered gently with the aromats for 8hrs to draw out the nutrients and collagen which is great for your health and your cooking as this natural gelatin creates a lovely viscosity when used in recipes.

The Pure Stock range is naturally gluten-free and is perfect if you are following a healthy diet or you care about what you feed your body. Each batch of stock is packaged and frozen immediately. This retains its freshness and ensures its pure and natural, preservative-free quality. No additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers are used, not even salt. We don’t season any of our stocks allowing you to season the end result as you wish.

Recipe suggestions using our natural Beef stock