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The Pure Stock Range

Our artisan cooking stocks are made the traditional way and provenance of our ingredients plays a vital part. The grass-fed beef bones and free-range chicken carcasses are sourced from local butchers and farms in Devon. The fish frames & crab shells come from southwest waters and are landed at Brixham.

The Pure Stock range are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free and are perfect if you are following a healthy diet or you care about what you feed your body. Each batch of stock is packaged and frozen immediately. This retains its freshness and ensures its pure and natural, preservative-free quality. 

We also had our Pure Beef and Pure Chicken stock tested for collagen, - which is great for your skin, hair, nails, bones, muscle structure and general gut health. We were delighted to discovera 500ml pouch of our Pure Beef Stock contained 18.5g of collagen and a 500ml pouch of our Pure Chicken Stock contained 8g of collagen - which is as much or even more than some 'bone broths' on the market!

No additives, preservatives, yeast, gelling agent or flavour enhancers are used, not even salt. We don’t season any of our stocks allowing you to season the end result as you wish.

You can buy our range of 100% Pure Stock, handmade in Devon, online directly from us.

We continually try to keep our Postage & Packaging price as low as we can and have absorbed a lot of the recent increases in costs as we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the taste of proper stock.

P&P is £9.99 to anywhere in England and Wales.

(We can deliver to most of Scotland mainland, but please check with us before placing your order.)

"A sauce made with your stock tasted unbelievable, my stocks never ever made my sauces taste like this!" - John, Devon

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