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My name is Phil, I’m a trained chef with over 25 years of experience working in a range of high end establishments in London and Devon.  I love sharing my passion for cooking and inspiring others to cook.

In the early days of my career, I was inspired by large pots of gently simmering stock in busy kitchens being turned into magical sauces. I soon realised that any good plate of food was made great on the back of using quality ingredients and real stock.

The Pure Stock Company was borne of a burning passion of mine to tell people about this wonderful product and inspire them in their cooking. It’s easy to impress when you know how!

My stocks are perfect for any occasion - from fine dining to simple broths. If you are looking for inspiration there are some easy recipes to follow on this site or just give me a call.

Happy Cooking.


Natural stock made the classic way. The essential ingredient to make a good dish great.

Stock Range

Our artisan stocks are made the traditional way. All the beef, game and chicken bones and carcasses are sourced from local butchers in Devon. The fish frames & shells come from southwest waters and the vegetables & herbs are from local suppliers. 

No additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers are used, not even salt. We don’t season any of our stocks allowing you to season the end result as you wish.

The Pure Stock range are naturally gluten-free and are perfect if you are following a healthy diet or you care about what you feed your body. Each batch of stock is packaged and frozen immediately. This retains its freshness and ensures its pure and natural, preservative-free quality. 

Available in 500ml pouches.

Scroll down for stockists or you can purchase direct from us by mail-order at £3.50 plus P&P here.

Chicken Stock 
Add a natural depth of flavour to your soup or risotto or reduce it down, add thyme, garlic, shallots, cider/wine and cream for a fabulous sauce. Also perfect to drink as a warm chicken broth to maintain a healthy gut.

Beef Stock 
Add this to your casserole or cottage pie to take it to a different level. If you want to make an easy Pho use our beef stock or even our chicken stock as your base for a simple healthy recipe. Also great as a warming beef broth drink for gut health.

Fish Stock
A great paella needs a natural pure fish stock, but add this to any of your fish dishes and let the ingredients sing. If you want an easy recipe to impress check out my sea bass recipe/demo.

Veggie Stock 
If you are following a vegan or vegetarian diet then use our veggie stock in your recipes. The essence from the vegetables will add a new dimension to your dish.

Shellfish Stock 

This is a delicate stock that will complement a beautiful piece of white fish eg. brill, turbot, monkfish, John Dory. Also ideal for a simple shellfish broth, crab bisque, fish stew or even with linguine.

Game Stock 

A beautiful seasonal stock perfect for game braises, stews, casseroles and sauces to give a more rounded flavour to complement your game recipes.



Darts Farm, Exeter

Sampson's Butcher, Budleigh Salterton

Fordmore Farm Shop, Cullompton

Veyseys Butchers, Cullompton

Exe Valley Farm Shop, Thorverton

Barton Place Farm Shop, Exeter

M&J Gibbins Butchers, Exeter

Fishes, Exeter

Combe Farm Shop, Honiton

High Tide Fisheries, Brixham

Jones of Brockley, London

Barlows Butchers, Winchester

I am also happy to take direct orders for my stock so don't hesitate to

give me a call 07825 769356


Contact Us

I never tire of sharing my knowledge and inspiring others to cook.

If you want to have a chat about a recipe, need some guidance or support or you want to get hold of any of my stocks please give me a call or drop me a line.

PURESTOCKCOMPANY@GMAIL.COM / TEL: 07825 769356 or 07981 141969

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